Ladder Style Quilt Hanger  
A unique way to display your quilts or blankets without hanging them on the wall.

Top View
Sample is Cherry Wood
With Traditional Cherry Stain

Click for a larger view

Bottom View
Sample is Cherry Wood
With Traditional Cherry Stain

All our Hangers/Racks are custom made to the size you order.

Click for Price & Options for heights to 102"

The following options are available for this Hanger

We have more options than anyone!

    1.  10 Different ladder heights
                2.  Widths from 18" to 48"
  You can add up to 8 extra rungs!
  2 Solid Paint Colors
                4.  Over 30 Stain Choices (FREE option)
  Beautiful Lacquer Finishing!
.  4 Standard wood types
(Other woods available upon request)

The Top of the Rail is angled so the the rack will lay flat against a wall
and the base is also angled at the exact reverse angel from the top
so it will also lay flat with the floor.

A Note on Rung Spacing
(the rods which hold your quilt)

You can add up to 6 EXTRA Rungs.
We will build your Ladder Rack with rung spacing as follows:

The first rung will be 8" from the top
The bottom rung will be 8" from the bottom

All other rungs are spaced evenly between the top & bottom rungs.

These top & bottom rungs provide the stability for the rack
They are also part of the total rung count!
A 48" ladder rack comes standard with 4 rungs
(The top rung, a bottom rung and 2 rungs in between)
(if you order 1 extra rung you would have 3 rungs
between the top and bottom rungs for a total of 5 rungs.)

Distance out from wall
bottom of Ladder Rack
for each height.

48" High - 11" from wall 
54" High - 12" from wall
60" High - 13" from wall
66" High - 14" from wall
72" High - 15" from wall
78" High - 16" from wall
84" High - 17" from wall
90" High - 18" from wall
96" High - 19" from wall
102" High - 20" from wall


What Rung width do I need?

 "Rule of Thumb"
It seems the majority of our customers and quilters find that adding 2-3"
to the length of your quilt, tapestry or rug was the best length for a hanger.

We sell our hangers in 2" increments.
Example 1: If your quilt is 45" wide, get a hanger that is 48"
Example 2: If your quilt is 60" wide, get a hanger that is 62"

This item requires assembly - It is very easy to assemble with only an x-tip screwdriver.
If you would like to have this item assembled before shipping please contact us before ordering.
There will be an assembly fee of $25.00- $50.00 which includes the assembly and all necessary
additional packaging required to ship the item so it won't get damaged.

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