Artisan Style Quilt Shelf
An all time favorite - excellent styling!

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The following options are available for this Hanger

               1. 2 Solid Paint Colors
               2. Over 30 stain choices (FREE option)
Available in 40 standard sizes
               4. A Plate Groove to safely display your plates

. 4 Standard wood types   
                          (Other woods available upon request)

All our Hangers are custom made to the size you order.

The Rod is approximately 3/4"  x  1 1/2"
The rod can be removed for quilts with sleeves.

If you need a different size rod , just let us know.

The shelf is approximately 3 1/2" wide and can have a plate groove!
The shelf is hung via screws thru the back plate.

What size do I need?

 "Rule of Thumb"
It seems the majority of our customers and quilters find that adding 2-3"
to the length of your quilt, tapestry or rug was the best length for a hanger.

The hanging area on this hanger is the distance between the end brackets!

We sell our hangers in 2" increments.
Example 1: If your quilt is 45" wide, get a hanger that is 48"
Example 2: If your quilt is 60" wide, get a hanger that is 62"

This item requires assembly - It is very easy to assemble with only an x-tip screwdriver.
If you would like to have this item assembled before shipping please contact us before ordering.
There will be an assembly fee of $25.00- $50.00 which includes the assembly and all necessary
additional packaging required to ship the item so it won't get damaged.

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